An Insight on OCP Uniforms and a Detail on the Fabric Colors to be Worn

OCP Uniforms US Army

OCP Uniforms are a great resource inspiring team building. It improves the awareness of oneness and is instantly recognizable. There are benefits of the OCP uniforms to the military and Air Force personnel. It offers them satisfaction, and uniforms save yearly expenditure for the government as well. 

Referring to the OCP uniforms pattern, it was codenamed originally as Scorpion W2. This is a pattern of the military adopted by the United States Army as it had a camouflage pattern. The OCP became readily available to soldiers from 2015, 1 July.

Different military uniforms

  • Air Force/Army/Space Force- ACU. There are two patterns, the MultiCam that is also referred to as OEFCP, and now a similar pattern is the OCP, that is different from MultiCam.
  • MCCUU for the Marine Corps
  • NWU for the Navy
  • ODU for the Coast Guard
  • ABU for the Air force

Shirt colors with OCP uniforms

The two shirt colors with the OCP uniforms are the Tan 499 or Sand. Wearing Tan 499 is acceptable with the OCPs. However, from June 2020, Airmen will be wearing only Coyote Brown.

Is Tan 499, something special?

The transitioning of the Army into a combat single uniform means the base layers also change. There are plenty of OCP uniforms worn and in various positions throughout the Air Force and the Army. The actual switch in the uniform was initiated in 2018.  The biggest part was both branches are transitioning towards OCP, and the Army was, to begin with by October 2019. The pattern is darker to its earlier patterns, and there is a complimentary darker shirt, as well. The base layer shirts for the Army are Tan 499 or Sand.

  • Tan 499 shirts are different from Desert Sand or the Coyote Brown 498. The Tan 499 shirts are darker in the shade than the Desert Sand previous color. It is a compliment of the new pattern of transition that is decided as a part of the OCP to be worn by the Army and the Air Force.
  • Tan 499 is known as Tan 499 or Tan. It should not be known as New Coyote Brown or Coyote Tan. The accepted Army terms for the undershirt are Tan 499 and Tan. This is because the Coyote brown is not the tan color; it is different.

Tan 499 is an Army approved color. On the other hand, the Coyote 498 will be the boot color is acceptable to be worn with the new uniform. Thus, it is not acceptable as the shirt color. Tan 499 is approved for boots, belt, and shirt color. Thus, while wearing your uniform, there is no need to match the belt, shirt, and boots.

The socks are also in green, tan, or black of the calf-length stretch type. Commanders are permitted to wear commercial running shoes that are plain white or black shoes in calf or ankle-length.

Fabric details

The Tan 499 and the OCP uniforms forming the base layers are of the highest quality fabrics., they are flame resistant uniforms and keep you safeguarded in unknown environments.