Take Park City Transportation to the Palm Beach Pet Expo

The Palm Beach Pet Expo Blog invites its loyal readers to take Park City Transportation to the Palm Beach Pet Expo. This might seem like a strange invitation to make because Park City, Utah is no where near Palm Beach, Florida. However, in this situation this particular mode of transportation will make an exception. The reason for this is a bit complex and probably beyond the scope of this blog post. However, for the benefit of our readers we would like to provide just a flavor as to why this is actually a possibility.

You May Also Take a Shuttle From Salt Lake City To Park City

You may also take a shuttle from Salt Lake City to Park City and then to the Palm Beach Pet Expo. The time period between the place of origin and the first stop will be a much smaller increment of time than the time between the first stop and the second stop. This is because the place of origin and the first stop are both located in the state of Utah. Whereas the first stop and the second stop are not only located in two different states but are located in two states that are thousands of miles apart.

According to google maps the distance between Park City, Utah and Palm Beach, Florida is over two thousand four hundred miles. This will take approximately 40 hours to drive at 65 miles per hour and making no stops. Not making any stops is an option on a shuttle bus because the passengers can just find an empty row of seats and go to sleep. This might not be the most safe option and it would probably be necessary to have more than one driver because one driver would not be able to drive 36 hours non stop.

Pets Ride Golf Cart Florida in Port Charlotte

It is a very cute sight indeed to witness a golf cart Florida driven by a pet of any kind in Port Charlotte. This “cute” reaction within the psychology of the observer (provided the observer is a human being) is presumably generated not because the act takes place in Port Charlotte but rather because the act is novel. Golf carts were not designed to be driven by pets. They were designed to be driven by golfers and perhaps senior citizens in a retirement community. Therefore when a human observer witnesses a pet driving a golf cart he or she experiences cognitive dissonance and often cognitive dissonance is resolved through recognizing the absurdity of the situation and then resolving the tension through laughter.


Cognitive dissonance is the state of mind experienced when two irreconcilable things or events occur and the mind is left in a state of having to reconcile the irreconcilable. It turns out that the human mind cannot exist in this state. It must come up with some form of reconciliation so that it will not continue to exist in this precarious state. As such, cognitive dissonance often gives rise to very creative solutions. One might say that cognitive dissonance is the mother of creativity.

In this particular situation, when a person observes an animal actually driving a golf cart he or she enters a state of cognitive dissonance. Animals or pets do not drive golf carts because they are not equipped for the task and the golf cart was not designed for the task. So then, asks the observer, why is this happening? One solution might be, it was intended to be humorous. Humor, as we all know, is essentially a misdirection that causes a state of cognitive dissonance to come about.



A Drum Pump Does Not Make For A Good Pet Toy

We have discovered that a drum pump does not make for a very good pet toy. For one thing, this particular piece of equipment is not enjoyable or interesting for a pet to chew on. The pieces that comprise it are either jagged or too hard to chew. When looking for a pet toy one would want an object that a pet can pick up in its mouth, chew or otherwise play with. The simple truth of the matter is that this particular piece of equipment is probably too heavy to serve any of these purposes for most types of pets.


If you get your pet this particular piece of equipment as a toy it will probably not end up in a good situation. In all likelihood your pet will not be interested in it and will move on to other things. In the off chance that your pet does engage with this particular piece of equipment as a pet toy it will most likely hurt itself or fracture its teeth. The best strategy is to not even try to get your pet to play with this particular piece of equipment. It is a fool’s errand indeed.

If there is one take home message that the Palm Beach Pet Expo Blog would like its loyal readers to internalize from this blog post it is to never give this particular piece of equipment to their pet as a toy.  It would also probably be a good idea not to give this particular piece of equipment to their pet for any other reason as well. Really it is not the reason for giving a pet this equipment that matters. The important issue is that this particular piece of equipment is given to a pet or not.

Even Pets Can Use Golf Carts South Florida in Port Charlotte

It may surprise the loyal readership of the Palm Beach Pet Expo blog to know that more and more pets are making use of golf carts south Florida in the city of Port Charlotte. Actually, nothing probably surprises the loyal readership of the Palm Beach Pet Expo blog at this point. For if you are a loyal reader of this blog then you will know that pets get involved with all manner of human possessions. And when you think about it, this is one of the joys of pet ownership. That is, it is a joy to see pets acting (in some manner) human. Let us explore this phenomenon in more depth.


I suppose there is something to be said for the notion that seeing a pet perform a human activity is enjoyable because it is funny. The question then becomes why is this funny? The most reasonable explanation seems to be that pets performing human activities is an unnatural or unexpected event. When one analyzes comedy, it becomes apparent that laughter usually occurs in response to something that is unexpected. But then the question arises as to whether the enjoyment of seeing pets perform human activities is enjoyable because it is funny?

Certainly some of the enjoyment derived from seeing a pet perform a human activity is because it is funny. And we know it is funny because it is out of the ordinary or otherwise unexpected. But could there be some other explanation that operates in concert with this unexpected quality about pets performing human activities that also makes it enjoyable to be a witness to. One possibility is that to see a pet perform a human activity is endearing because it further solidifies the bond between pet and pet owner.

Top Tips For Successful Dog Grooming

Pet grooming can be done either by a professional groomer who has received some training at this task or by yourself at home. Home grooming saves you money plus some added benefits. By grooming your pets at home, your dogs overall health and well-being are ensured. Here are pet grooming tips for home use.

pet groomed

Many pet owners are under the impression that pets do not enjoy grooming. Naturally, when are not used to grooming, they will act like they don’t like it. Unwashed hair or uncombed fur get snarled and are no fun to brush/comb through. It is only that when the pets are regularly groomed, they enjoy getting cared and looked after. Pets that are un-groomed are unhygienic and most likely to plagued by parasites and problems. Grooming gives you an opportunity to explore your pet’s skin to find irritation, sores, cuts, lumps and signs of fleas.

So we all know there is more to grooming a dog than taking a brush and running it through their coat, and we also know that the internet is home to a wealth of information on all topics including dog grooming. For this reason, we can combine these two facts and find some useful and informative dog grooming tips that we can put to practice on our pet and help them receive the benefits that dog grooming brings with it. Knowing where to find the best dog grooming tips on the internet is, therefore, the objective, and I will point out a few assets to you to spare you doing any homework thus you can get the advantages of canine prepping and pooch preparing tips much speedier than you envision.

So where can you find dog grooming tips that you can rely on, tips that are tried and tested, and tips secrets that the professionals use? – Well, until recently you would have to zigzag through the maze of sites on the internet to collect all the resources from a variety of places, but this no longer needs to e the case as there has been a guide compiled that has everything you need to know about dog grooming, with tips and advice from the professionals, the secrets of successful dog grooming and step by step walk throughs on different grooming tasks.

small pet grooming

Every one of these tips on canine prepping can be found in ‘The Flawless Dog Grooming Guide’ which is the first in an arrangement that will control you on the most proficient method to wind up the perfect dog owner. This guide not only provides you with a wealth of tips and information on dog grooming but also details the benefits that grooming your dog brings with it – for your pet and yourself.

The benefits are endless but focus around your relationship with you pet, the health of your dog, saving you money, enjoying time with your dog, and happier pet and owner. These advantages are only the highest point of the chunk of ice and by taking in the counsel, privileged insights and tips that ‘The Flawless Dog Grooming Guide’ brings to the table you will be well on your approach to all this, much more and happier days for you, your dog and your family.

Video of a pet being groomed: