Pets Ride Golf Cart Florida in Port Charlotte

Pets Ride Golf Cart

It is a very cute sight indeed to witness a golf cart Florida driven by a pet of any kind in Port Charlotte. This “cute” reaction within the psychology of the observer (provided the observer is a human being) is presumably generated not because the act takes place in Port Charlotte but rather because the act is novel. Golf carts were not designed to be driven by pets. They were designed to be driven by golfers and perhaps senior citizens in a retirement community. Therefore when a human observer witnesses a pet driving a golf cart he or she experiences cognitive dissonance and often cognitive dissonance is resolved through recognizing the absurdity of the situation and then resolving the tension through laughter.


Cognitive dissonance is the state of mind experienced when two irreconcilable things or events occur and the mind is left in a state of having to reconcile the irreconcilable. It turns out that the human mind cannot exist in this state. It must come up with some form of reconciliation so that it will not continue to exist in this precarious state. As such, cognitive dissonance often gives rise to very creative solutions. One might say that cognitive dissonance is the mother of creativity.

In this particular situation, when a person observes an animal actually driving a golf cart he or she enters a state of cognitive dissonance. Animals or pets do not drive golf carts because they are not equipped for the task and the golf cart was not designed for the task. So then, asks the observer, why is this happening? One solution might be, it was intended to be humorous. Humor, as we all know, is essentially a misdirection that causes a state of cognitive dissonance to come about.



Even Pets Can Use Golf Carts South Florida in Port Charlotte

It may surprise the loyal readership of the Palm Beach Pet Expo blog to know that more and more pets are making use of golf carts south Florida in the city of Port Charlotte. Actually, nothing probably surprises the loyal readership of the Palm Beach Pet Expo blog at this point. For if you are a loyal reader of this blog then you will know that pets get involved with all manner of human possessions. And when you think about it, this is one of the joys of pet ownership. That is, it is a joy to see pets acting (in some manner) human. Let us explore this phenomenon in more depth.


I suppose there is something to be said for the notion that seeing a pet perform a human activity is enjoyable because it is funny. The question then becomes why is this funny? The most reasonable explanation seems to be that pets performing human activities is an unnatural or unexpected event. When one analyzes comedy, it becomes apparent that laughter usually occurs in response to something that is unexpected. But then the question arises as to whether the enjoyment of seeing pets perform human activities is enjoyable because it is funny?

Certainly some of the enjoyment derived from seeing a pet perform a human activity is because it is funny. And we know it is funny because it is out of the ordinary or otherwise unexpected. But could there be some other explanation that operates in concert with this unexpected quality about pets performing human activities that also makes it enjoyable to be a witness to. One possibility is that to see a pet perform a human activity is endearing because it further solidifies the bond between pet and pet owner.