Wendover Fun Bus Made Fun By Pets

The Wendover Fun Bus is made fun by the pets that ride inside of it. Who does not love a bus full of pets and what bus is not made more fun by loading it with pets of all sorts? The answers to these two questions are quite obviously everyone loves a bus full of pets and no bus is not made more fun by loading it full of pets. For this reason it should be plain for all to see that if a bus is in need of being made more fun it should definitely be loaded with pets.

Load theĀ St George Shuttle With Pets While You’re At It

Yes indeed, load all buses and shuttles to the brim with pets in order to make them more fun. If a bus is not fun enough just stick another pet inside. Stuff all the pets one can find into the bus because the goal here is to make the bus as fun as it is possible to make it. Because a fun bus is a pet laden bus (as the familiar phrase goes). Pets galore my good man! Pets galore! The more fun a bus is the more people will want to ride it.

I think we can all see the logical flaw inherent in this line of thinking. First of all, if a bus is filled to capacity with pets then there will be no room for paying passengers. Second of all, if a bus is filled to capacity with pets this might not be the healthiest situation for the pets. This is especially true if all available space is filled with pets such that they are stacked on top of each other. Third of all, some of these pets a liable to relieve themselves inside the bus which would certainly decrease the “fun” value of the bus.

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